This knife is a real beauty. A beautified copy of the Randall Model 14 combat fighter. ATS-34 STAINLESS with mirrored flats and a fine satin on the edge and back. Soldered guard of nickel silver, with Westinghouse Yellow Micarta scales. A tapered tang with Red liners. Embossed on the right scale is an illustration of the logo ”DE OPPRESSO LIBER”.  Has the name of Glenn Floyd engraved on right side of blade (the original owner of the knife). Probably ex military.  Has the old stamp of “APOPKA, FLORIDA” on it. Top quality leather sheath with pocket for sharpening stone. I grade this knife at MINT CONDITION. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED IN THIS KNIFE. Please contact me before sending any money, or any questions you might have. Leave a message and I’ll get back with you, PRONTO. 727-863/8264. $525.00

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